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Partnerships Part 1: High Fives Foundation

The amount of time and support someone needs when returning to receiving high fives on the slopes from a life altering injury is huge. I was lucky enough to have help from my family, friends and employer, as well as good health insurance, excellent physical therapists and millimeters of good fortune that have made my recovery a successful one so far. But, my co-workers and I saw the value of a Foundation like HiFives up close. No one can bounce back from a life altering injury without support.

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4 Easy Steps to Make the Freeride World Tour - with Isaac Freeland

Step 1 to making the FWT is to go skiing! Push yourself and be at the top of your game when the FWQ competitions start up. But, you still need to listen to your body. Sore from yesterday? take a day off the hill. Feeling inspired? Get up there as fast as possible! Getting better is all about pushing yourself in little increments. 

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