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Tim Wells – CEO

Prior to Sego Ski Co. Tim founded, built and subsequently sold a ski and snowboard manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon. Prior to  working in the snow sports industry Tim was a weekend warrior working for The Shelter Group as the Director of Finance.   During his tenure  at The Shelter Group he was responsible for developing a pipeline of projects in Southern and Northern New Jersey and worked with the CFO  to close a $362 million recapitalization of The Shelter Group’s senior living portfolio. Mr. Wells has extensive experience in the capital markets,  financial analysis, corporate planning, and investor relations.  Tim attended Cornell University where he received a degree in Biometry.


Peter Wells - Production and Design

The experience Peter has in the ski industry has extended from testing, selling, and  breaking skis while working in ski shops to engineering and building his own designs  within the industry. He has spent time pursuing his love of climbing and skiing from the  Adirondacks to the Wasatch to the Peruvian Andes and lastly enthusiastically landing  in the Teton Valley. Peter is Production Manager and Ski Designer for Sego Ski Co.’s,  His innovative ideas push the boundary of what is possible in ski design. He is  passionate about manufacturing the product 100% within the Sego Ski Co. factory.  Peter’s love of skiing is the driving force behind Sego’s innovative and playful ski  models. And of course getting out and skiing hard on the product.


Alex Suckling - Sales Manager

Alex first hit the slopes in his home country, New Zealand, back in '93 in an epic, multi-colored neon onesie. While that onesie no longer fits, his ability level really plateaued that season and you'll still see him pulling his signature move, the high speed power wedge (aka pizza), in a glorious fashion all over the mountain. He's taken that move across the globe, helping rental customers at every shop he's run reach their full potential with amateur instruction and a brazen attitude. With an intense passion for the sport, Alex can be found hustling the good word of Sego Ski Co. to anyone who gives him the time of day.
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Abbott Gilbane 

Abbott grew up skiing Sugarloaf mountain in Maine.  He spent most of his formal education doodling pictures of skis and snowy mountains in his notebooks.  He dragged his fingers along the railings and banisters of his prep school pretending they were the legs of a tiny, talented skier.  At the University of Colorado he majored in Creative Writing and Political Science while becoming intimately familiar with the mid week traffic patterns of Interstate 70.  Upon graduation he packed up his Subaru and moved to Jackson Hole where he worked at the Valley Bookstore, Eddie Bower, Headwall Sports, and as a line cook, busser, food runner, server, and bartender for the Fine Dining group.  All of these jobs helped Abbott rack up ski days and pay for expensive sandwiches amidst the glitz and glamour of Jackson Hole.  With his job at Sego and new residence in Victor, Idaho he has found more reasonably priced sandwiches and a job that allows his hobby to harmoniously intersect with employment.  Abbott is an enthusiastic Sales Representative, Ski Craftsman and occasional contributor to Unofficial Networks.  He hopes that skiing Grand Targhee will be just what he needs to foster one more year of alpine skiing in telemark boots so he can proudly drop knees under the chairlift and have an excuse to avoid the terrain park.