About Sego Ski Co.

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The Sego Story

We build skis from the finest materials available, Sego Ski Co. is the premier ski brand for those constantly striving to reach their maximum on-mountain potential.

Skiing is THE crucial element in our day-to-day lives and as such, founders Tim and Peter Wells set out to build skis specifically for skiers who ski HARD EVERYDAY. Since its inception in 2014, Sego Skis has grown into a community of merry mountain pranksters that prioritize FUN over all else.

Who We Are

Brothers Tim and Peter Wells have been building skis for over ten years but if you asked them, they’d tell you that it all started as kids, taking the school bus from their home in upstate New York to nearby Greek Peak. It was at that humble ski hill where the two brothers fell in love with their hometown ski community. 

Later, during their formative college years, the Wells brothers delved into manufacturing, design, and engineering classes between riding the chairlift at their home mountain. Years later, following a couple of stints in Utah and Oregon, Tim and Peter would ultimately come back together to form Sego Ski Co. beneath the imposing and alluring profile of the Tetons. 

Upon moving into their new warehouse space outside Victor, Idaho, the two brothers brought other fellow craftsmen into the fold and began prototyping the skis they’d been dreaming of since they were kids. 

By making skis that would allow skiers to see the mountain the way they wanted to ski the mountain, Sego ultimately trashed the cookie-cutter build formulas plaguing the market in favor of new, progressive prototype models. Ultimately, those prototypes would become tried-and-true, award-winning designs ridden by some of the world’s best skiers, including Freeride World Tour champion, Isaac Freeland. 

Thanks to this ever-present dedication to a shared design vision, Peter and Tim continue to insist on constantly evolving their approach to offer the most progressive designs, innovative layups, and sustainably-built skis available. Here’s a look at who we are and what we do: diehard skiers who design and build sustainable skis as tough as the Tetons.



 *We are active members of our community, and a portion of all profits help support local nonprofits through our 2% back program.