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Wyoming Popsicle

I haven’t done it in a long time, I really long time. Only once since I moved to Bozeman Montana may 2015. I didn’t wander. Upon moving to a new town where I didn’t really know many people I forced my self to socialize to make friends and try to conform to those I met. I forgot what had made me who I was and what had brought my closest friends into my life. I have this delicious past of taking off on solo adventures, without a plan, just a road and a smile. It was this habit that made me want to move to Montana in the first place. The amazing people I met in passing there made the town a special place, somewhere to try more permanently. But once there, I never went on a walk about.

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According to the piece of mail I just received from a gear company, alpine touring is one of the most growing parts of the outdoor industry. And I believe it. A search on Instagram for #skiuphill turns up over 18,000 posts whereas a search for #skidownhill returns just over 200.

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Mark Ortiz and his thoughts on Life and Skiing

For the last handful of decades, professional athletes have been occasionally but predictably embroiled in scandals and debates over the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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