Isaac Freeland - Hindsight is 20/20 Video #1

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I don’t like dwelling on the past, but sometimes it’s necessary to gain insight on moving forward. 2020 was my last complete ski season without injury and I believe there is something to be said about it. You never know the what the good times are until they become a memory, …at least that’s what “they” always say. Regardless, I was definitely having a really good time during the 2020 season. We had an awesome start to winter. Storm after storm, we were already nearing mid season snow depth in January. And, with a relatively stable snowpack. More days with snow meant more days on snow and the quality conditions allowed for unrelenting big mountain riding. I was progressing my skiing on the daily and I was ready for my rookie year on the Freeride World Tour. It felt like everything was lining up. But what provides the grounds for feeling at your best? And, is that sustainable?
Is it hammering that early winter workout plan? Finding the exact exercises to strengthen your weaknesses. Is it taking care of yourself? Eating right, resting, and recovering efficiently. Is it training when you get on snow? Doing drills, learning new grabs, and working on your skiing directly?
I don’t think it’s any of these things specifically, it’s all of the things. The importance of consistency over intensity is something I’ve been recently realizing and I can see it’s benefits in my own past. Every season I’ve progressed my skiing a little further. There has never been a moment when I jumped in skill level or style. It’s all come gradually. However, there are still crossroads in life where I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on more. The line between pushing too far and not pushing enough can be very thin. It’s a hard balance to find.
As someone who is always pushing myself, I’ve found that going harder isn’t always the best option. Sometime it’s best to take a step back even if the conditions are good and the people around you are having the best day of their lives. It’s also important to not get mad about stepping back either. If it’s just not your day then your day will come another time. It’s important to be flexible and find your own path. If it’s not working, try something different. I believe that’s the key to sustainable performance. While this is something I’m working on everyday, this video “The Gold” is reminder to how I can still have one of the best seasons of my life, just by waiting for the good days and without forcing my skiing beyond my comfort zone.

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