Della - The Full Length Film

" Della is one of the most legendary Teton dogs, and this movie is in a big part a tribute to her." - Dorian
"Della The Movie is boss! Dawg $" - Greg Collins
This movie is about the Mountains, and the nature. It gives you the feeling of what it's actually like to be there, high in the mountains, camping, climbing, feeling the cold. Traveling on foot throughout a variety of different mountain ranges, many days and nights (and months) are spent out in the wild. This film cuts no corners to bring you the most authentic mountain experience possible.
Mountain Couloir with Art
It is a 30 minute film, made entirely by Dorian and Mya- from the planning, filming and skiing, to the editing, music, art and everything else. There is no ski lodge, no safety backup, just the two of them on adventures worthy of the hardest ski mountaineers. In pulling all of this off by themselves, the result is a film with a very original and creative take on skiing/mountaineering, and mountains in general.
Couloir Skiing

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