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The Man, the Myth, the Ron

During Sego Ski Co.'s relatively short history, Ron Murray has become sort of a local legend. His 20-plus years of ski repair experience, combined with his time working in manufacturing and his wholesome philosophy on skiing (and snowboarding) has made Ron an integral part of the Sego team and brand.

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The Slower the Lift, The Sweeter the Ride

I subscribe to the old adage “stop and smell the roses”. And fortunately, there are a few things in life that, for better or for worse, force us to follow that advice. One of those things is a slow chairlift—especially one in an area without cell service. 

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122 Hours in Mexico

Nick and I first saw a picture of Pico de Orizaba when we were 19 years young.  That October, we booked tickets and started making plans to attempt a ski descent of this beautiful, conical 18,000 foot volcano in central Mexico.  WATCH THE VIDEO

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