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Introducing a new project from Ron Murray: Slideshow Snowboards

As our lead ski finisher and tuner, Ron Murray is at the center of the Sego ski building process. His skills and attention to detail have elevated the tune and finish of every ski that leaves our factory. His efforts have led in no small part to accolades from Outside, Freeskier, Powder, and Skiing Magazines, which have named our skis as among the best on the market. Ron's signature base structure adorns each pair of Sego Skis and his edge beveling skills keep a steady stream of the Valley's most demanding racers and ex-racers visiting for tunes with palate expanding bottles of bourbon in hand.

Ron Murray SlideshowRon Murray takes a break from all the ski stuff Photo: Rob Corum

What many of these discerning racers don't realize is that Ron is not an ex-ski racing, former speedsuit wearer, but a snowboarder. When we tell them though something clicks. It makes sense because of what they've noticed on the hill. When they go up to Targhee they see "freeriders" sideslipping through rocky sections to huck their meat off cliffs, "freestylers" leaning all the way back on their tails in disrespectful wheelies as they straight-line to the park, and "butt wigglers" testing out their Dynafit gear with tentative stem turns.

Where is the appreciation for the well arched turn? Ron is a member of a group of snowboarders that our ski racing patrons have seen rolling their boards over and flexing into every last millimeter of their edges. Their hands move through the air like kids with an arm out the car window on the way to a play date, mimicking their board as it cuts through ice, powder, slush or corduroy. Here are the kindred spirits of the skiers who demand a .5/3 degree edge bevel. The two dispersant groups aren't likely to share a run on the hill. The boarders have never been confined to lycra and weave through trees not gates. But at the shop they speak the same language; Ron has felt and respects the importance of a half degree of base bevel. 

Stepping Razor

Slideshow's everyday go-to: The Stepping Razor

We are proud to announce that after two seasons of careful prototyping Ron has launched his own line of snowboards born from this love of a well shaped turn. Ron will be served by the knowledge he has honed over years as a shop technician and in the Sego factory. In Ron's words:

"While there is a lot of variation in size and shape in our line, all Slideshow boards share the ease of turn initiation, a lightly cambered profile, a laid back carve feel, high acceleration from superb glide quality, excellent edge hold on groomers, good drive in mixed conditions and great deep snow characteristics. All of this adds up to an exceptional overall riding experience even when the snow quality isn’t great. If your goals are to make one thin signature line everywhere you ride and to charge the fall line, blowing things up like a powdah gangsta, a Slideshow Snowboard is the best choice. Our boards are designed to encourage carving and general riding progression with an emphasis on flow and fun." 

Like Sego Skis Slideshow Snowboards are made from the best materials and they ride like it: 

"[Slideshow Boards are built with] Durasurf 4001 base, Triax S-glass, in-house built full length Poplar cores, UHMW sidewalls and a very expensive zero VOC epoxy resin, all of which are sourced domestically."

Shop for Slideshow at: 

Slideshow Groovegrease

The Groovegrease Photo: Rob Corum

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