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Big Sky Rocks!

2021 was my first winter skiing Big Sky Resort. The lighter snow meant hitting way more rocks underneath the snow than I’m used to. However, the lines and features still called my name and I was happy to step up to the plate. Knowing both how to slide over the rocks and that my skis could handle it, I had no reason not to give’r!

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Ortiz Skis the Gunsight

The West Gunsight Couloir is certainly one of the most iconic lines viewed from our side of the Tetons, a geological magnum opus. Doyle has wanted to ski it since he saw it as a kid; I've wanted to ski it since my first year as a liftie in 2011; Joel since he moved here. It's so damn aesthetic. Also, it's pretty far out there. Those two in conjunction make for a mighty fine goal.

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