Woody Lowder

  • My name is Woody Lowder and I am based between Boulder, CO and Victor, ID. 
  • My favorite place to ski is Grand Teton National Park. I work as a full time independent mountain guide and also manage the Colorado branch for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. 
  • This Season I'm excited for a "sail-to-ski," ski guided trip to Svalbard Norway where we will live on a sailboat for 10 days sailing and skiing along the coast of the northernmost inhabited place on the planet. Also excited for a personal ski trip to Canada for a 5 day stay at the Great Cairn Hut where we hope to ski off the summit of Mount Sir Sandford, the highest peak in the Selkirk Mountains of Southeastern British Columbia.
  • I ski the Waves in all underfoot widths, 94, 104, 112. It is the most versatile ski to accommodate any and all snow conditions while still being plenty light enough for the backcountry. As a ski guide it is crucial to have a ski that does everything well. The wave 104 is my workhorse.

  • What fires me up is the feeling of complete isolation and imagination when walking somewhere new in the mountains as the morning alpenglow hits the peaks, getting hammered with spindrift while looking down a steep no fall zone couloir, and everything that comes in between.