Mikey Levy



  • Age: 23 
  • Hometown: Sun Valley, Idaho 
  • Current hometown/ mountain: Bozeman, Montana/ Bridger Bowl ●
  • Sego quiver: Big Horn 106 & Condor 116 
  • Years skiing for Sego?: First year, and stoked! 


  • One thing that fires you up most outside of skiing? If I’m not skiing you’ll find me mountain biking. 
  • Would you say you “train” for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape in physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing?  Mountain biking definitely helps with my balance and coordination as well as a good way to keep my cardio up. 
  • What do you look forward to most going into a ski season? Exploring the mountains with my friends, finding new zones and fresh pow
  •  This season?  Just keep having fun with my friends in the mountains 
  • Ski with music? Or music that gets you fired up/ want your skiing to feel like?  Music is mandatory, I like to mix it up but most of the time I got some Dr. Dre or Andre Nickatina in my ears. 

Why Sego? 

I have buddies in Bozeman that ride them and they seemed super sick, the graphics are simple which I really like. Super stoked to be a part of the family this season! 



19/20 season from Mikey Levy on Vimeo.