Mark Ortiz


Mark hails from Boise, Idaho--colloquially known as the City of Trees. In 2011 he transplanted himself to the fertile skiing soil of the Teton Valley, establishing new roots in Pierre's Hole. Since his replanting, he has branched out in his skiing as his dreams, like leafy limbs, have reached ever skyward. And while some limbs have broken, a fibula here, a clavicle there, the perseverance of his skiing tree has finally reached the lofty heights of the forest canopy. Now, each leaf can enjoy the sunlight, photosynthesizing each day of skiing to add strength and maturity to each branch of his skiing repertoire. With an advanced degree in Superfluous Extended Metaphors, Mark's passion, ingenuity and dedication to absurdity compensate for the utter lack of talent in metaphorically every other department.

Skis: 187 Big Horn 106

Blogs and Videos: Skiing Idaho's 12,000' Peaks, Performance Enhancing Drugs in Skiing - or - Failure, Experience, and the Binary Correlation of Effort and Achievement in Skiing,  Skiing Wheeler Peak in August