Mario Balzano


  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Born and raised on the Ice coast straight outta Johnstown, NY
    Current hometown/ mountain: Alta, UT
  • Sego quiver: Mono Blade, the one ski quiver
  • Years skiing for Sego? 5 glorious years I’ve been skiing with Sego’s on my feet


  • One thing that fires you up most about of skiing? There’s so many things fire me up about skiing, I could go on for hours! I think over all though is the ability that skiing has to clear your mind and let everything in the real world drift away, you simply fall into the moment.
  • Would you say you “train” for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape in physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing? I think its super important to keep yourself in shape for skiing, especially if you plan on push yourself out on the hill, you need to stay fit so your body can keep up with your mind. As an old man I can’t just be hucking my meat without some preseason training at the gym. I keep my self mentally in shape for skiing with other sports like mountain biking and climbing, both challenge the mind in similar ways to skiing.
  • What you look forward to most going into a ski season? I am looking forward to those bottomless powder days
  • Random fact about yourself?

    I am randomly the best ski blade of all time

  • Ski with music? Or music that gets you fired up/ want your skiing to feel like? No Music, love to hear the snow between my feet and jerrys at my back


Why Sego?

SEGO makes one of the best products on the market! Plus no one else wants to sponsor a ski blader….