Harrison Holley




  • Age: 33- physical 14-mental
  • Hometown: Park City, UT
  • Current hometown: Park City 
  • Current mountain: Solitude Mountain Resort
  • Sego quiver: Everyday=Condors, Getting GNAR=Cleaver Comp
  • Years skiing for Sego? 5


  • One thing that fires you up most outside of skiing? Getting pissed about drivers not using turn signals.
  • Would you say you “train” for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape in physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing? I started strength training 5 years ago and immediately saw the pay-offs skiing. I don’t do it specifically for skiing, but it has made me a stronger skier, mountain biker, runner and I now know how many oversized tires I can flip over.
  • What you look forward to most going into a ski season? Pow days. Nothing beats the anticipation of watching it dump snow overnight and getting your gear ready for the next day.
  • This season? Redemption. I had my season cut short last year due to a knee explosion. I have worked my ass off this summer rehabbing and getting back into shape. 
  • Random fact about yourself? Initials are HHH, I’m colorblind, Favorite color is green.
  • Ski with music? Or music that gets you fired up/ want your skiing to feel like? Books on tape get me fired up, there is nothing like listing to the climax of a well-written novel while dropping into something sketchy……  

Why Sego?

Small town company with big-time products. Being able to walk into the factory and have a beer with the employees or being asked what you liked/disliked about a ski is awesome. Serious quality products, I used to break skis every year before joining the team and haven’t broken a pair of Sego’s in 5 seasons.