Gary Mackenzie




  • Age 37
  • Hometown Alta Wyoming
  • Current hometown/ mountain Targhee/Jackson Hole 
  • Sego quiver Big Horn 106/ Clever 102 
  • Years skiing for Sego? 4 or 5 years


  • One thing that fires you up most outside of skiing? Biggest thing for me outside of skiing is making sure my freezer is full of elk meat.
  • Would you say you “train” for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape in physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing? I used to train hard, now I just go hard. Huck double your age any time its possible
  • What you look forward to most going into a ski season? I look forward to inspiring young rippers!
  • This season? This season is going to be one for future seasons!
  • Random fact about yourself? I tell one hell of a long drawn out contorted, and possibly half fabricated story, only sometimes. 

Why Sego?

Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin



Gary is the Head Coach of TVSEF's Freeride Team, and a Sickbird award winner.


Blogs: Gary Mackenzie Named Head Coach, Gary Mackenzie Tears the Westside to Pieces