Ben Janus

  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: Driggs, Idaho
  • Current Hometown/Mountain: Bozeman, Bridger Ski Area
  • Sego quiver: Big Horn 192 114, Big Horn 187 106
  • Years skiing for Sego: 4
  • One thing that fires you up most outside of skiing? First snow of the year on the mountains
  • Would you say you “train” for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape in physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing? I'm an avid runner and athlete, but will start training strictly for skiing from October-December
  • What you look forward to most going into a ski season? Having a whole camera, ski and sled entourage for our movie this year!
  • This season? Getting to our secret spots this season (please tag responsibly) 
  • Random fact about yourself? I taught Kai Jones his first backflip
Why Sego?

Well to start I have been a Teton Valley local my whole life which it was awesome to see a super cool ski company arise from my hometown and I wanted to be part of it instantly. I was taken by a friend to the Beartooths for the first time and I ended up meeting the Sego crew while they were there on the bus. Immediately I knew that was where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be skiing for. I dropped my grom spot right after Sego added me on as an ambassador. The next year I joined the athlete team and have been ripping steady and stoked since then!