Angus Smith



  • 16 years old
  • Audubon PA
  • Current hometown - Driggs ID
  • Sego quiver - BIghorn 90, Sloppy Joe
  • Years skiing for Sego - 2


  • One thing that fires you up outside of skiing? I love to roller skate in the summers and draw.
  • Would you say you "train" for skiing or just have activities that get you in shape physically and/or mentally compliment your skiing? I don't specifically train for skiing, but through teaching gymnastics and improving on those skills I get into physical shape and improve my skiing techniques all year round.
  • What do you look forward to most going into a ski season? Skiing deep pow, learning tricks, and trying to create new ones.
  • This Season? bringing new flips to snow especially excites me this year
  • Random fact? I have two pet frogs named Gustav and Irving!

Why Sego?

The first Sego skis I had were the UP Pro's. I was around 10-12 at the time, and I immediately loved them. My brother had worked at the Sego factory for a while, so I already knew the Sego crew and skid with a lot of athletes, so it was only natural I'd want to join the team. The bighorns are the most ideal skis for what I like to do, and they feel just as good as they should when I'm skiing them. I've skid on Sego models for so long they're the only skis I feel have really influenced my skiing in big ways, and I am glad they have. 


Angus's 20/21 clips: Instagram: Angxxiety