Welcome to the Team Patrick Halgren!

Patrick Halgren SkierLove a good race background 

We first met Patrick two years ago up on the windy top of Beartooth Pass. The guy's energy was infectious. His 1986 Dodge Camper Van* was the ultimate ski bum home and we piled in on the way back to the bus after skiing Beartooth Basin. He mentioned being on a fast - water only - and I think he said he was on day eight. It seemed possible. He possessed super human strength and abilities, he had laser vision and fired up everyone skiing the headwall that day. He operated on a high frequency: this was a skier in the purest form - focused on the skiing at hand, stoked to meet everyone who shared his passion, and raising the stoke of everyone he met. 

When we went back up this summer we brought Patrick our first Sego Comp 104 prototype and told him we wanted him on the team. He proceeded to take the new ski for a single warm up lap at the Basin, and then shred a steep line just off the highway, fearless and unconcerned that the line put him a good 700 feet below the road. Upon rejoining us at a switchback in the highway he said the climb back up was, "Like a really shitty novice rock climb." He explained that his strategy to stay motivated may have concerned Woody, the only other skier from our group to take on the line; a pause every now and then to channel energy by hurling a rock and letting out a primal yell.


Welcome to the team Patrick! We can't wait to see what you get into this season.

You can follow Patrick on Instagram @PowerCasa32. We'll have Patrick's Athlete page up soon as well.

*I'm not sure on the make or model of Patrick's camper van. I do know that it broke down and stranded Patrick in the midwest for several days shortly after we saw him the first summer, and that he was back with it this year. 

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