Sego Takes on the Argentinian Backcountry

The Gringo Crew has been searching the Argentine backcountry for the illusive Cerro Sodeado. Finally, after days of looking through a hangover haze, the mountain emerged from a fog blanketed in fresh snow and ready-to-shred steeps.

Watch as skiers Max Mackenzie, Adria Millan, Dorian Densmore, Tait Trautman, Sebastian Toso and Harrison Fitch, tee off on unique lines in perfect stability. This group of athletes have been sharing a small apartment—dubbed “Gringolandia”—and focusing on sharing authentic experiences with close friends. The group's alternative approach to production, with a focus on fun, has defined their trip, reaffirmed lifelong friendships and a collective love of chasing deep, soft snow.

Video and photo credit to Eric Sales.

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