Planet Horizon

Spring Time in Teton Valley
Springtime motivation blossoms. 

With Dandelion Wine in their water bottles and visions of massive rock buttresses in their minds, the crew headed south from Teton Valley to explore the early June ski possibilities of Central Wyoming.

Planet Horizon
Up around that wall.
A rare moment of calm at camp provides a view of the apron beyond which Dorian and B-Dog would test the limits of gradient. 
Past Vertical
B-Dog leads the crew onto slopes well beyond total verticality.
Dorian and B-Dog enjoyed their climb up the steep chute, finding purchase with their ice axes and crampons. But, as they neared the top they looked back over their shoulders to find that they had climbed past the point of total verticality. Their descent would be treacherous. 
The Wind
Leaning into the Winds
When the wind howls you must identify the fight - and lean into it. Or, you will be blown away. Wind, thunder, and cascading avalanches added drama to even camp life. 
Steep Skiing
Horizons far below - Dorian takes his first turn.

Edit: Dorian Densmore

Creative Director / Art: Mya Akins

Trip Leader: B Dog

Captions: Abbott 


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