Piper Kunst - Queen of Corbett's

Our Queen!

When Piper announced she was competing in King's and Queens of Corbett's on her Instagram the caption simply read, "my mom is so scared right now." As the event approached and conditions stayed firm, Piper's mom was no longer the only one scared. It snowed a couple inches in the lead up, just enough to make the rock solid hard pack look a little nicer. The morning of the event small crowd of Jackson locals and bewildered tourists watched from below with tempered expectations. I heard, "I just hope they're all okay." "Ski the goat path for the love of god!" "The landing of the kicker looks like an ice rink!" and variations on this theme. 

The vibe was somewhere between preparing to watch your favorite basketball teams play with front row seats and to witness an execution; we weren't sure what we were about to witness. As everyone on the internet surely knows by now, Piper absolutely crushed it. Here are the top 3 women's runs: 

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