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No More Pequeños

No More Pequeños


An exploration of Teton Valley through the eyes and experiences of "Sancho" (Alejo Sanchez). No More Pequeños has been praised as the early favorite for "Best Ski film of 2018." In the most recent issue of Vanity Fair movie Critic Veronica Mcmurtry raved, "No More Pequeños explores cultural intersections between skiing and snowboarding as well as North and South America in a restrained and artful manner. The last time American audiences were treated to this level of insight into the coming of age of a South American protagonist was the depiction of a young Che Guevara in The Motorcylce Diaries. Though that film was a large improvement on the book, at 126 minutes it was kind of hard to pay attention. Also, it was in Spanish, which was tricky. Really, No More Pequeños is much better." Without further ado, here it is, Directed by Dorian Densmore:



No More Pequeños from Milk Tea Productions on Vimeo.

October 03, 2018 by Abbott Gilbane
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