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Mestres Full Movie from Milk Tea Productions on Vimeo.


From Producer Dorian Densmore:

This movie is about chilling with your friends.

It compromises nothing in the pursuit of happy moments with your buddies, riding skis or whatever. Based in the Pyrenees mountains, these guys will stop at nothing in order to enjoy their time with the friends, be nice to someone, help someone who is in need, or just in general be good people. This 20 minute ski movie will give insight into what it feels like living in Aran Valley.

Dedicated to our late friends "El Mestre" (boss) Jordi Tenas, and Jeli Bossman, this crew consists entirely of locals of Val D' Aran, and Dorian, the weird gringo who has now spent many seasons with Adria Millan, Txema Trull. These guys have all been avid skiers, and mountain people with big lists of accomplishments in the high peaks, for a more than decade. This season they were joined by a group of super cool young freeskiers, and a few old friends for some serious chilling in this cool part of Europe. Thank you to all Val D' Aran people.

Ski: Adria Millan, Dorian Densmore, Txema Trull, Axel Tukiainen, Alvarito Santos, Pol Tellosa, Abel Moga, David 'Killer' Quilez, Marc Moga, Marc 'Dr. Casabone' Casanovas, Jordi Riba, Ivo 'Freecooking' Lerma
Location: Baqueira Beret

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