Make the Whole Mountain Your Playground

Ever Since he was a kid, Isaac had one dream: To make the whole mountain his playground. 

Through Christmas only, Isaac is offering all Newschoolers members a special present: 25% off the Big Horn or Sego Comp - so you too can make the whole mountain your playground. 

Click through the links and add to cart for your discount or use the codes: MAKETHEWHOLEMTNBIGHORN or MAKETHEWHOLEMTNCOMP

As always - a portion of Segos profits go toward supporting Isaac on his quest to make the Bec des Rosses his playground. 

The Big Horn makes the whole mountain your playground. We designed a new layup for the Big Horn with Freeride World Tour Champion Isaac Freeland that preserves its playful nature while improving its ability to hold up to the highest speeds and largest airs on the mountain. What we've developed is the perfect balance between the confidence to shred anything and the playfulness to jib to your heart's content. Available in 96, 106, and 114mm widths the Big Horn has a full poplar wood core with layers of biaxial carbon fiber wrapped in vibration dampening rubber sandwiching the core.

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