It Never Feels Good To Be The First Loser

Sego Ski Co., maker of the world’s first and finest big mountain ski blade, announces with enthusiastic indifference that they will be dropping Mario Balzano from their team of athletes. Mario finished in second place at the Pain McShlonkey Classic this year. It’s one thing to sponsor a snowblader. It’s another to sponsor someone who lost to a snowblader. Saucerboy would be disappointed. After much internal deliberation and through discussions with our legal consultants and graphic designers, Sego Ski Co. has determined that the best idea moving forward is to sever ties with the world’s second best blader. The now former professional big mountain ski blader will likely begin looking for new sponsorship, but who would ever sponsor a ski blader? So, in the immortal words of our lord and savior Shane McConkey, “3, 2, 1, seeya!”

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