I'm in Love with My Ski Partners

Story by Nick McEachern, Sego Ski Co. Employee/Ambassador

My best friend Jojo and I have joked about how we want to marry all of our friends. We are certain we know some of the most amazing people on earth. From dawn til’ dusk, rivers to mountains, long car rides and afternoons spent wasting time, we've been fortunate to get to know and spend time with some incredible humans.

Image of four people and a snowman/woman

Upon more reflection, I've determined that the friend who really stands out amongst all of the special people in my life is my ski partner. He or she will wake up early, encouraging me to live an active lifestyle bringing me coffee and donuts for motivation. If my beacon is low on battery, they have extra batteries. They offer me hot drink in the skin track or a beer on the chairlift. They'll stay out all night skiing or indulge in some aprés--always making sure we get home safe.

Honestly, can life partners get any better? A partner does everything possible to keep me safe and if they fail, they'll risk it all to save me. They'll offer me an extra layer when I've forgotten my jacket. A smile is flashed at me to make me laugh when I'm struggling because my East Coast lungs won't keep up with the Rocky Mountains. They'll haul the sled for a longer distance than I, and when we get to the yurt, the first drink is on them as they make the fire.

Image of two skiers skinning


It's more than a friendship. It's a love affair. We hug on summits, giggle like children together as we cruise through powder and gaze into one another’s eyes with so much happiness and love for the sport that we are too elated to speak. We spend days snapping photos of each other, eager to show them off to our friends and families as if they are our son or daughter,  husband or wife.

Two skiers skinning and throwing snowballs

Our ski partners are there for us. When we've had a tough day at work or failed a final exam, our ski partner offers us a ride to the mountains to help us to forget and live. We ski because the real world is just too much sometimes and we need to escape it. Our ski partner understands that and brings us into the mountains. My ski partner offers to carry my gear for me from the car to my apartment. We exchange a high five and maybe a hug, because it doesn’t seem like the best idea to kiss my ski partner on the cheek. Nor would I want to--a little bit too much sweat most days.

So, to my ski partner, I have one question. Will you marry me?


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