Fall Line - 1978

Before Alex Honnald, there was Steve Shea. Fall Line was produced by Lowe Alpine and nominated for an Oscar for "Best Short Film" in 1978. It features the skiing of Steve Shea and this was his only time skiing for the camera. The filming is just as impressive as Steve's ski acting. No helicopters were used so filmers including George Lowe and Bob Carmichael filmed the aerial shots from adjacent peaks. Steve was on 207cm Rossignol Race Room Slalom skis. 

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  • Scott Contor

    I’ve just got to say, while I appreciate the talent, skill, and boldness of the big mountain skiers of our time, I think we have to acknowledge the skill it takes to make those turns on that line with those old 207 straight sticks. Especially when there’s no YouTube to give you the idea in the first place.

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