Covid-19 Response

Sego Family,

Like the rest of the ski community and world, we are adjusting to a very different daily routine. We are carefully weighing our responsibilities as a small company in a community we care deeply about. Our goal is to keep our small business functioning in a responsible manner. Ski manufacturing and packaging are tasks that we are completing while maintaining CDC recommendations of social distancing, hand washing, and our own increased focusses on sanitation. 

We will be taking the following measures to keep our staff and community safe and secure while doing our part to leave Covid-19 behind as soon as possible:

1. All upcoming demo days are cancelled.

2. The Factory will remain open with production staff working on ski building and shipping. We are taking all measures to ensure our work space is disinfected and remains clean. All work in the factory is being conducted with gloves, careful sanitation methods, and appropriate social distancing. Please call with questions about drop-off and pick-up if you would like to schedule a demo pickup or tune.

3.The Factory is closed to all tours. Please call ahead for any visit. 

4. We have backcountry setups available to demo for $35 / Day - these are 2021 model skis with Dynafit bindings and skins in a variety of sizes. We strongly suggest adjusting backcountry risk assessment to include our current healthcare realities. Keep it well within your comfort zone!
5. All Sego skis are now 25% off - our largest sale ever. We are taking aggressive action to keep paychecks rolling as our employees navigate this financially difficult period.

Keeping our small business functioning in a responsible manner is our best course for supporting our employees and community as we navigate a slow period for the ski industry. Give us a call at (208) 643 7578 with any questions, or if you're in Teton Valley and need something dropped off or help of any sort! 

All the best! 
The Sego Crew

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