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PRESS RELEASE: An Award-Winning Lineup

PRESS RELEASE: An Award-Winning Lineup

The top ski testers are in agreement: our 2017/2018 lineup is our best and most diverse collection of skis yet! In our 4th season of operation, the Sego Ski line has grown to 16 models and offers something for every type of skier. With awards coming in from Freeskier Magazine, Powder Magazine, and Backcountry Magazine, we're ready to make a huge impact this winter.

Frontside Line

The all-new Cleaver 102 (All Mountain) ski recently received Powder Magazine ‘Skier’s Choice’ award and Freeskier Magazine’s ‘Editors' Pick’ award. Its 23 meter turning radius and titanal-reinforced core allowed top testers to stomp their landings and point their skis to “glory”. There is no comparison when it comes to big mountain skis for responsiveness, stiffness, and handling the demands of all day resort skiing. Also included in the Sego’s Frontside line is the top selling Big Horn 96. This all mountain steep slope tool has the capabilities and nimbleness designed for all elevations and every aspect.

“A playful poppy little demon,” said one Freeskier Magazine tester about the Big Horn 96. “Carved darn well, too.” Another tester followed pro shredder Sander Hadley for a lap and “ended up popping over some s#it [he] definitely shouldn’t have,” but was pleased when the skis “ate it all up just fine.”

Women's Line

This year we're proud to offer on of the most complete Women’s lines in the industry. The new UP Pro 92 offers all the award-winning attributes of the UP Pro 110 in a more playful and versatile 92mm underfoot design. It has already captured the attention of Freeskier Magazine as ‘Editor's Pick’ and is expected to receive more accolades this Fall, as it is our best-selling women's ski. Testers loved the UP Pro 92’s forgiveness and versatility, leading Freeskier Magazine to call the UP Pro 92 “Really fun for shredding corn, bumps, hard pack and everything in between.”

Backcountry Line

The widest ski in the Backcountry line, the Wave BC, and Up Tour have also turned heads this this season. The ski’s efficient yet powerful core and Directional Early Rise rocker profile led testers at Backcountry Magazine to ask, “what can’t this ski do?”

Sego Ski also offers the Lunch line selection for the young at heart. A playful selection of all-mountain jib friendly skis that keeps you coming back for seconds. The Tater Tot and Sloppy Joe received top accolades from Freeskier Magazine. Both skis received recognition for their low swing weight, and “butter zones” in the tip and tail that lend the ability to spin, press and fly off cliffs and BC booters.

As pioneering ski manufacturers based in the heart of the Teton, these awards and reviews are reinforcing our mission to be America’s best All-Mountain handcrafted and designed ski brand. 

September 07, 2017 by The Sego Crew
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