Skiing Idaho's 12,000' Peaks with Mark Ortiz

This is Sego athlete Mark Ortiz's film that was selected for Winter Alliance's 2017 Backcountry Film Festival. 

Idaho 12ver Project, chronicles his attempt to climb, ski and film all nine of Idaho’s 12,000-plus foot peaks. Over a three-month period, Mark skied eleven peaks and estimates that he gained more than 40,000 feet in elevation. The routes weren’t always straightforward and many required multiple attempts.

“Hyndman took two tries. Borah took three. Diamond Peak I got on my first try, though it was a long day because I got real lost in the predawn darkness. Lost River Peak took four tries because I couldn’t find a ski route from the summit. Breitenbach took one day, but I climbed the wrong mountain first (suitably, that peak is called No Regret Peak). Mount Idaho, Donaldson and Leatherman were first try. Mount Church was attempt either three or four depending on how I count it.” 

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