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Product Description:

At 124mm underfoot the Caterpillow will always find itself floating on top, even on the deepest of days.
With a short but stout camber underfoot the Caterpillow still holds an edge on the groomers as well as those wind affected take offs of your favorite cliff bands. The symmetrical rocker profile makes for a playful yet powerful ride that can charge down Alaskan spines, yet butter your way down your favorite jib line at your home resort. Weighing in around 9lbs, the Caterpillow is nimble and doesn’t tire you out like the other massive powder skis out there. Simply put, these skis are very fun and are meant to fly through the air like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Product Details:

  • 150-124-140
  • Polplar Core
  • 1.4 mm base
  • VDS rubber
  • Triax Fiberglass
  • 27m turning radius at 189cm