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Our Method

Why do we design and handcraft every pair of Sego Ski Co. skis in our own manufacturing facility? Because we’re dedicated to providing skiers with the tools they need to go have serious fun, confidently. Our design process is athlete-driven: the skiers who extensively prototyped the boards you just purchased are the same individuals who made them. We know that having reliable equipment is paramount to getting out there and having fun every day. So each material we use is tested and approved before going into any of our products to assure the utmost quality from the beginning.

Sego Ski Co. skis are of the highest quality available on the market. And that’s our promise. No gimmicks, no bullshit—just skiing.

Our Process

Sego Ski Co. works with the highest quality materials available in the ski industry. We begin with a textured nylon topsheet, which has superior durability and lasts you the life of the ski. Your style will never be compromised- unless a two foot storm is covering those bad boys. UHMW sidewall construction makes Sego skis torsionally stiffer, gives better edge grip in harder conditions, and more durability upon impact. UHMW also makes for a better ride offering more stability at higher speeds and more pop and acceleration out of turns.

We wrap our metal edges 3/4 of the way up either edge of the skis in our backcountry and jib lines, allowing for better impact control when skiing through tight trees. Every other model has a full wrap edge that surrounds the entire base. We utilize maple  and aspen cores in  most models and  poplar cores in our women's models. Aspen and poplar provide a lightweight pop, while maple rounds out the core with substantial, stable properties. Triaxial fiberglass in varying weights, depending on the model, gives the ski torsional stiffness. Carbon and aluminum honeycomb stringers round out each different model for vertical stiffness. These composites are the lightest weight and most innovative materials on the market. Lastly, our Durasurf sintered 4001 base is the highest quality, best gliding and most durable material available. 

All of our skis are handcrafted in the USA.