Our Story

Skis Designed and Crafted In The Tetons


There’s a witticism in the ski industry which goes as follows: if you want to make a small fortune building skis, start with a large one.

The entire crew at Sego Ski Co. has heard those astutely pessimistic lines at some point along their respective paths into the ski industry, and eventually here to Sego World Headquarters in Victor, Idaho; yet here we are.

Sego Ski Co. was conceived by a close knit group of friends, and brought to life through the collaborative talents of many individuals who share the vision for a sustainable ski company and ski industry. More often than not it appears that the ski industry is at odds with skiers, and the directive of Sego Ski Co. is to reorient that relationship. We believe that it is possible to manufacture and distribute durable, high performance, impeccably tuned skis in the United States, at a price that is appealing to direct customers, retailers and which allows our business to be viable.

Through years of previous ski design experience and innovative production processes, Sego is committed to offering shapes and constructions that will deliver grin-inducing performance season after season, with a price and level of durability that won’t make you hesitate to work down the Cirque Traverse in December.

Skiing, above all else, is about having fun. Whether you kindle the sheer joy of sliding on snow via beer league racing under the lights at Pine Knob, MI or snaking through a shoulder deep beech glade in Japan, Sego Ski Co. wants to be an integral part of your relationship with snow and gravity.

While we strive to reduce waste and our overall environmental impact, we’re also forthright enough to acknowledge the reality that manufacturing is resource intensive, whether it’s your iPhone, waterproof jacket, or a pair of skis. Given that fact, we strive to build skis which are durable enough to provide you with hundreds of days of fun, and are the antithesis of engineered obsolescence.

Our goal is still to sell you a pair of skis every year, not because your one season old Segos need to be replaced, but because our product line offers everything you need to build a complete quiver, from a 98mm all mountain ripper, to a very rockered powder ski and one of the lightest sub-$1000 touring skis on the market.

We invite you to join us in our quest for the perfect turn and even the occasional back scratcher, because nothing screams fun quite like kicking up your heels and reaching for the sky.

Our Products


Sego Ski Co. was conceived by a group of dedicated skiers who draw their inspiration from the perennial search for the perfect turn in wild, untrammeled locales around the world. The quest led us to Teton Valley, where we have access to the premier big mountain laboratory in North America. Our location allows us to continually hone our craft and deliver the highest quality American made freeride skis.

The Sego Ski Co. lineup is designed around offering progressive shapes in waist widths all mountain skiers demand, without the clutter of overlapping shapes. From the 98mm underfoot 98 Special to the 124mm Caterpillow, Sego utilizes full length Poplar and Maple/Aspen blend cores which are shaped and profiled in house, 2.2mm DuraSurf 4001 base, ¾ and full wrap oversized edges and carbon stringers, resulting in a planted, but powerful feel on snow. Our touring specific models utilize an composite hybrid core, carbon-rich laminate for weight savings and textured polyamide topsheet to reduce snow buildup on the skin track.

We pride ourselves on being not just another ski company, but a ski manufacturer. As such, we have complete control over production and finishing processes, ensuring every ski that leaves the Sego factory in Victor, ID meets exacting quality control standards for build and final tune quality.

Our base and edge finishing equipment is the most advanced in the region, and we utilize their full potential to deliver ready-to-go skis straight from the wrapper. Sego Ski Co.’s mission is to shape, build and tune the highest quality, American made skis that are a value more so because of their durability and longevity than their price.


Our Manufacturing Facility


Our headquarters features a retail space, ski showroom, and is home to our state of the art manufacturing facility. Come join us for coffee, wine or beer at the bar while you check out our ski line and take a tour of the facility. 

We also offer ski and snowboard tune-ups and repairs at the shop as well as Sego ski fittings. Let us mount and ship your skis as a complete package. Sego is proud to partner with the best binding makers in the industry, including Look, Rossignol, and Marker. Contact us or call us at 208.643.7578 to make an appointment.